Get Started


Congratulations on your decision to invest in yourself! With life coaching, you are taking the first steps on the path to positive changes that will last. In this section you will find steps to set up your first session. I look forward to our work together.

Spiritdance Motivation & Performance Coaching offers a free complimentary first session to newcomers to 1:1 Coaching, so that you may explore the role of coaching in your life. This is a standard practice offered by the majority of coaches, that lets people feel out a prospective coach and see if working together will be the right fit. For more information, see the Coaching FAQ menu tab.

NOTE: Information about Tracking Coaching, Webinars and Seminars can be found here:

Step one: Go to the Programs Menu Tab and decide which coaching package will work best for you. Experience shows that great actions steps and changes can be achieved in 3 sessions, therefore that is the shortest coaching package I offer. More long-term growth and change is achieved with a 6 month commitment.

*I offer both life coaching, and specific coaching aimed at people involved in the sport of dog tracking which is my passion. Many people who are involved in tracking are also interested in life coaching and exploring skills that can positively impact their success in sport. I invite you to look over all packages and not just the dog training focused packages!

Step two: Send a contact request for information about fees. If you have never been coached by Donna Brinkworth, you will also be asked if you’d like a complimentary (free) ‘getting to know you’ session. A form to make contact is found at the bottom of this page.

Step three: Payment (retainer, start up fee or full payment depending on the timeframe and package) by Interac e-transfer (preferred). If paying by cheque it will mean a short delay until the payment is received.

Step four: Set up a meeting schedule. Once this is done, a receipt, schedule and coaching contract will be emailed.

Step five: At our first meeting, we will determine desired outcomes and timeframes so that we can get going on your transformational coaching!




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