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Donna’s 2018 Tracking Calendar (so far)…

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News from 2017

New puppy!

Micah, Gem von Wendelin, came into my life in May 2017 and has been a constant source of joy! You can read more about here here in her own blog.


  • May 6-7 Judging field tracking test in Red Deer, Alberta
  • August 19-20 Judging an Urban test in Red Deer, Alberta
  • September 30 – October 1 Judging field and urban tests, Thunder Bay, ON
  • Judged a tracking test in fields near Vancouver BC.


  • ENTERING May tests in Thunder Bay, Ontario with Ben (UTDX)…PASS! Ben is now my third Tracking Champion, passing on his second try! Thank you to judge Marie P Babin

News from 2016

On November 4, I lost my friend, partner, protector and teacher. TCH Caden von der KleinenWiese died very unexpectedly from bone cancer. What a terrible shock it was, and he hid his symptoms well. Caden was only 8 years old. He was an incredible, one-in-a-lifetime dog. Run free my friend. I will miss you until my last breath. To read about him, visit my FB page “SpiritdanceTracking” or keep scrolling down to read about his incredible TDX – UTDX pass in one day, September 2015.

Judged an Urban Test in Red Deer, AB August 20-21 – done, congratulations to the two passes, and two new UTDs!

I was honoured to judge an Urban Test in Courtenay, BC, November 12-13. The weather was challenging for people with rain, rain, rain and lots of flooding including a boil water advisory. Dogs seemed to like it – two new TCH dogs, 5 passed UTDX over two days, and 2 UTD passes. Congratulations to all!

Spring, 2016

Ben passed his UTD! On his first try! Thank you to judge Marie P Babin and the Thunder Bay Kennel & Training Club for another great test. He is now Spiritdance Blackthorn Ben TD UTD. My puppy is growing up! As you can see, Ben has a really nice tracking posture – nose down!

Ben tracking

News from Fall 2015

Last fall my German Shepherd Caden finished his Tracking Championship. That’s good news for me, and the good news for you is that I have MORE TIME now! I was training both UTDX and TDX last year. This year, I am working with my young Border Collie Ben – and hopefully, with YOU and YOUR DOG!

Caden had tried for TDX before unsuccessfully, and failed his attempt at TDX on day one of the test in Thunder Bay. On day two, I drew back to back TDX and UTDX. I was offered the chance to redraw but I always believe in things being ‘meant to be.’ Caden passed his TDX, and off we drove to town where he ran and passed his UTDX 45 minutes later. This dog has so much heart. I am grateful to him, to our judge for a great track, the tracklayer and the club for this once in a lifetime experience with my boy. I was really zoned out during the UTDX but he led me through it, with his tongue literally hanging out of the side of his mouth at one point, he was so tired. I get choked up even typing this. What a good boy.

Tch Caden

Click the link below read the Thunder Bay Kennel & Training Club September Tracking Test Report / Newsletter! Thanks Karen Boyes for the fantastic write-up and photos!

2015SeptTrackReport Newsltr

  • Entering UTDX and TDX in September with Caden my GSD – PASSED BOTH back to back – same day, with 40 minutes between tests. Caden is now a Tracking Champion! and more formally TCH Caden von der KleinenWiese
  • Entering TD in September with Ben, my Border Collie – PASSED both days! (No alternates on day two) Ben is now a TD dog! He is the 4th Border Collie to have a CKC TD. His mama Jet is the first and so far only Border Collie CKC Tracking Champion but we hope to see more.
  • Judging in Red Deer in October – Field tests (done! New TDs and one new TDX!)

Read about the tests and other passes on my blog.