What should I look for in a coach?

A coach brings value to the client when the solution comes from the client. This is the essence of what Coaching IS. Coaching is NOT about telling you what to do, giving a professional opinion or advice or doing something for you.

Life coaches are known for having the following attributes when working with clients:

  • ›Positive future focus
  • ›Motivate and inspire you to connect the dots and find solutions from within
  • ›Build and maintain a professional, non-judgmental relationship
  • ›Respectful equal partner
  • ›Keep it real for you; with solutions that are specific, measureable, achievable, realistic and timely
  • ›Keeps you on track, and holds you accountable
  • ›Confidential

By encouraging and inspiring you to identify the solution, you will feel empowered and be more likely to act and make positive change to achieve your goals! A coach motivates and supports you to maximize your personal and professional effectiveness.

Most coaches belong to a governing body. Look for the following when choosing a coach:

  • ›Accreditation, training and association with a governing body
  • ›Appropriate fees and schedules
  • ›Accountability to industry ethics and standards
  • ›Complete confidentiality
  • ›Program for moving forward to obtain desired outcomes and results
  • ›A beginning and an end to the process
  • ›Contract is based on your identified outcomes
  • ›Refer clients to other professionals if coaching is not the right path

Please see the International Coach Federation (ICF) page for more information or click the link below. The ICF is the leading, worldwide governing body for life coaches.



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