What are some alternatives to coaching?

You may decide coaching is not the right step at this time. I invite you to consider the many professional services available and hope you find the right one for your current life situation. Some alternatives to coaching (but not all) are listed here:

  • ›Pastor
  • ›Psychologist or other Mental Health Services professional
  • ›Doctor or other health services centre
  • ›Grief Counsellor
  • ›Personal Trainer
  • ›Consultant, accountant, debt counsellor, lawyer
  • ›Mentor
  • ›Teacher
  • ›Naturopath or holistic healing advisor

Many of you have family and friends who love you and want to listen. I hope that you can openly share with someone if that’s what you need. Some of you might be alone in which case your local church or community services are hoping you will stop in as a first step.

We are fortunate to live in a society with many alternatives – please take the time to find the service that fits your needs. I am happy to discuss alternative solutions to coaching or provide a list of community resources.


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