How does coaching work?

Coaching takes place on the phone, via Skype audio or in-person 
A typical session is 30 minutes to 1 hour long
Coaching takes place in a relaxed environment where you can openly share thoughts and brainstorm

  • ›In today’s coaching environment, coaches are able to work with people anywhere through the magic of the telephone and computer!
  • ›Since it is all about listening, a coach is able to focus entirely on you with no distractions for 30 minutes to an hour-long session.
  • ›Online whiteboard and classroom technology allows coaches and clients to share images and lists.
  • ›Coaches provide resources such as links or handouts for discussion, including a variety of tools to help with things such as self – assessment or time organization techniques.
What to expect in a typical coaching session

A coach asks lots of questions to achieve clarity with you.

Coaches are objective; they focus on listening to you and exploring your ideas and motivations.

A YOU-focused action plan:

  • There is no cookie-cutter approach to coaching. Every person has different needs, values and resources. A coach respects this and works to identify solutions based on your capabilities.
  • Together with the client, a coach develops goals and an action plan, then begins to work towards outcomes.
  • ›There are check-in and debrief sessions along the path to make sure we are on track. Coaches hold you accountable to your goals because they want you to realize your vision or desired outcomes.

Timeframes, with a beginning and an end
There is always a beginning and an end to coaching, with very clear, positive goals in place.

An initial retainer is paid, determined by the time period of the contract. Fees are by the hour.
›* Some people like to meet in-person. This can be arranged if it’s geographically possible.
* ›Coaches also work with businesses, teams and groups in more structured meeting room environments, using a variety of methods to achieve the goals of the participants.

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