What is Coaching?

Coaching is a two-way dialogue between the coach and client. The client brings goals or problems to a coaching session for discussion, then works with a coach to develop an achievable action plan or solution. Coaches are client-driven, provide a comfortable environment for discussion, and services are all confidential.

“Coaches seek out significant lasting breakthroughs for their clients and help people to live their true purpose.”  Erickson College, Coaching Program

Coaches work on the belief that YOU are the expert when it comes to your life! That’s why a coach’s role is to inspire and motivate you, and to help make your goals a reality.

Rooted in sports, coaching is often associated with training to excel and win. People began to look at successful athletes and what could be gained from this “pursuit of excellence” attitude. The majority of us won’t stand on a podium or compete for medals – but  demand for life and personal coaching has grown in the past 20 years, making coaching a highly-sought-after service for individuals, professionals and organizations.

Coaches ask provocative questions, starting with – What do you want?

  • ›We all want to do more, achieve more, be more happy, more healthy, more creative or more successful
  • ›You might come to coaching with a very clear objective in mind. Your coach works with you to develop a plan for achieving your goals.
  • ›Maybe you are not clear about your objective, but you know you need “something” to move forward – to get unstuck. Coaches are very curious and will work with you to identify goals and steps.

How will you get it?

  • ›A coach listens to you. You are the one with insights and ideas that form the basis of a great plan.
  • ›Coaches ask provocative questions to assist you in identifying what you’d like, and where to start.
  • ›Coaches work with you on a ‘go-forward’ plan that is achievable and realistic.
  • ›As an equal and respectful partner, a coach makes sure that you stay in the driver’s seat
  • ›Coaches encourage you to explore possibilities. They look at the holistic you, and the big picture.

Coaches hold you accountable and empower you as you commit to an action plan.You are supported for every step along the path. And a coach loves nothing more than to celebrate your successes! 



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