Life Coaching FAQ

You might be wondering what your coaching journey could look likeThe answer depends on what you are looking for. Coaches usually work with everyday people on everyday challenges. It’s just that, sometimes, these challenges add up, or make you feel stuck in a rut. With the help of a coach, you start to find a way to move forward. The magic of coaching really boils down to having a safe place to share with an objective listener who is focused on you and wants to assist you in developing a plan.

Spiritdance Coaching offers a free complimentary first session for 1:1 Coaching so that you may explore the role of coaching in your life. This is a standard practice offered by the majority of coaches, that lets people feel out a prospective coach and see if working together will be the right fit. For more information, see the the Getting Started page on my website.

To help you make a decision about working with a coach, Spiritdance Coaching has prepared answers to commonly asked questions. Please read the introduction below, then browse through the tabs or click the link below to open and print the document “Coaching FAQs.”

Spiritdance Coaching FAQ

Coaching offers you a new way of looking at things, along with practical solutions and an action plan. Coaching is YOUR opportunity to invest in YOU. My goal is to support you, hold you to your goals, and celebrate with you along the journey. You may like the SEASONS program I’ve described here. Or, you might have one simple, life-altering decision to make – and you’d like to explore it with someone objective (continued, below…)


As a coach, my role and my pleasure is to listen to you, honour your journey, respect your values and support you. Coaches never offer advice or tell you what you should do. We work with you to come up with a plan that is within your reach – and it is always forward-focused. This is how coaching differs from counseling or therapy which can focus on an analysis of the past, or on reasons for the current situation. The only changes you make through coaching are changes that benefit and inspire you – and changes that you can commit to 100%

I will walk beside you for part of your journey. You decide how long you would like to continue with coaching. It’s all in your hands. And it is my privilege to be there for however long it takes to give you the tools you need to make the changes you seek.


For information about Spiritdance Tracking and Small Group Coaching please visit this page:


If you have any questions about life coaching, please contact Spiritdance Coaching:


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