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Thank you for visiting my website! It is very important that you see a good ‘fit’ when choosing a Life Coach. I am a graduate of Erickson College’s coaching program and on my way to International Coach Federation certification.

In my career and in my personal life, I have always been coaching people in one way or another. I finally listened to my heart to pursue coaching as a profession and help women just like me.  I have always valued the relationships I build with people. For some reason, people feel comfortable sharing with me, knowing that I will always listen and will respect the trust they have shown to me.

As your Coach, I have the practical, tactical steps required to make YOUR dreams a reality.

Team Success, Leadership and Inspiration: I love working with groups on achieving goals, establishing mission, vision and values, and overcoming obstacles to achieve success! I am also available to provide team and individual coaching to competitors in dog sports, specializing in positive self-talk, visualization, goal setting, the power of practice and rituals, and always learning and going forward!

Dogs! I have 29 years of success in the sport of Tracking and am a Canadian Kennel Club Tracking Judge – all levels (field and urban) with three Tracking Champions of my own! For fellow trackers and dog enthusiasts I offer customized in-person and online coaching as well as small seminars for groups and clubs. I’ve had the great fortune of judging and giving seminars across Canada – from the east to west coast, northern and southern Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta! Visit my Training Website to learn more about coaching. seminars, webinars, workshops and online training.

I am also a Life Coach with a desire to help people reach their goals, live with purpose and vision and to feel a sense of peace. I know what it’s like to feel stuck – as if you can’t gain ground or move forward. I’ve been through weight loss, divorce, a big move, and other life transitions. I know the strength and courage it takes to focus on the future and move forward with grace and determination. As a  life-long Christian, I thank God for helping me on my journey and for guiding me to help others.

As a Professional Coach, I listen to your story and work with you to develop a doable action plan, then support and walk beside you on your journey.

I hope that this information will paint a picture of ‘who Donna is’ and why I might be a great coach for you!

*Donna follows the principles of Erickson College and will be applying for certification with the International Coach Federation

ICF certificate

Coaching is a way that I can give back to others: a way to inspire, motivate, encourage and assist women who are just like me.

Life coaching is a beautiful and passionate profession filled with people who want nothing more than to help others in the most positive ways.

I would love to be your coach and for a short time, walk alongside you on your path.

Coaching websites and information

Erickson College *Donna Brinkworth is a graduate of Erickson College’s Coaching Program
International Coach Federation

Great articles about coaching!

When to hire a life coach – and what the heck do they do? (Blog Intuit article) Life Coaches – could you benefit from hiring your own? Huffington Post, with video


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