Celebrating 5 years! Of what, exactly?

What makes Spiritdance Motivation Coaching & Tracking different? Why is working with a Professional Coach a unique experience?  After five years, let’s explore these questions and talk about how coaching is different from instruction, advice, technical expertise and mentoring and why coaching leads to comments like this:

“Your seminars are so different!”
“I always feel like I know what I am doing after a lesson.”
“I feel so motivated after a coaching session!”

I treasure the feedback from coaching clients! These kinds of comments tell me that I am on track. I decided to pursue professional coaching in 2013 and graduated from the Module V *(highest level) of Erickson College’s “International Coach Federation certifiedArt and Science of Coaching program in spring of 2015.

I was enrolled and studied alongside coaches from around the World, and studied with fellow students from around the World too – and it has completely changed how I deliver my training, and why I am passionate about Motivational Life Coaching – because I changed my life, and you can too!

Coaching is a word thrown around by many because it is one of the fastest growing professions in North America. Professionally certified coaches are members of a governing body and have tools and techniques specific to the field.

Professionally trained coaches inspire transformational change in their clients. When you work with a trained coach, you will experience the difference between being told what to do, and being inspired by a partner to grow, become comfortable in your own decisions and realize you have the resources to take steps and pursue your goals with confidence! Through coaching you will develop trust in yourself, and learn how to pursue your dreams and goals with action steps to become the best you can be.

Is coaching for you? Here are some things to ask yourself:

  • Have you been through enough classes and lessons offering instruction and expertise, but you still aren’t finding that missing piece to move forward and achieve your goals?
  • Are you looking for advice? For someone to tell you specifically what you should do? Or do you know what you want – have the skills – and need another tool or building block to move forward?
  • Is something holding you back? What is it?
  • Do you waste time on random ideas and plans and hunger for a thoughtful plan that suits you, your values, your motivations and your dreams?
  • Are you frustrated by trying to fit ideas other people give you into your schedule and do you eventually let them fade away and look for newer, better ideas?
  • Do you know things could be better but don’t know how to get there?

If you know you have the skills, you know what you want, and you feel like you are missing a crucial piece to the puzzle, coaching might be for you. 

What is a Coach?

A coach is a trusted parter. A coach listens to you and is curious about you – what is your goal or big dream? What motivates you? What do you really want?

Coaching is not “my way or the highway” training. Coaching is about working with individuals to find solutions that are suited to you alone. There is no cookie-cutter approach in coaching, which is why coaching is personal and focuses on each person as a unique and strong individual. Coaches LISTEN. They are interested in you.

More answers to this question can be found on this website. 

I’ve been asked why I don’t offer “pre-recorded” training programs on my dog tracking website. After giving it careful thought, I can’t do it. Every single time I offer lessons or webinars, I carefully design them to match the individuals enrolled. I value engaging with people, hearing about your goals, and making sure I understand what you are looking for in each session.

Coaches offer true communication and listening. Webinars and lessons are not a ‘product’ – they are an experience. The sessions take longer and are more intensive because of this two-way communication – and the ongoing coaching to follow – that comes at no additional fee – because when you invest in a coach, a coach invests in you.

When you invest in yourself and your growth, a Coach commits to being there for you for that journey. Coaches help to keep you accountable by asking you where you are now, where you want to be, and how will you know when you get there? There are no “time tables” such as “in 6 weeks you will be ready for a test” but if you set 6 weeks as your goal, a coach will help you determine if it is a realistic plan, and how to achieve it.

Along the way, a coach will check in and mutually, we agree to adjust if necessary. The insights and the growth of the client is the goal of the coach! Coaches want you to become comfortable with your own decisions, and resourceful as you begin to make your own plans and take actions to change your situation, pursue a dream or check off goals.

Did you know that research shows that our brains actually change and grow when you have a partner like a coach who listens, engages, inspires and motivates you? This is another way that coaching is different from teaching, advising and counselling.

People are often surprised by the silence in coaching conversations. There is no rush. Coaches want you to dig deep, develop insight and come up with your own ideas. People are also wonderfully surprised when they find out that they indeed do have great ideas once they are given the opportunity to sit quietly and think about it, or asked the right questions. This kind of growth does not happen when you are instructed or given advice.

Think about decorating your house. You could hire an interior designer to come and tell you to paint the living room green, get modern furniture, and put blinds on the windows. Or, you could begin to look through decorating magazines and colour guides, and develop a sense of your own style. On your own, you may realize that you love pale yellow, you want comfortable country furniture, and you adore the look of colourful, flowered curtains!

With that time investment, you will have a home that reflects you; a home where you feel comfortable and thrive. And even if it took longer to get that room decorated, you love it because you feel proud of the steps you took to find the right colour and the right things for your lifestyle. Coaching should feel like that.

When you look back at your time with a coach, you should feel like you have transformed your thinking and know yourself even better! You feel strong and capable, not reliant on someone for every next step. You’ve followed a plan that is right for you. You are no longer blowing in the wind. You have achieved things on your timetable. And you are seeing your goals, dreams and vision come true.

This is what is different about Spiritdance Motivation Coaching & Tracking. 

Every time I read about a client’s success on Facebook, I feel joy in knowing I have been part of their journey. Every time I get a personal note of thanks, I celebrate that person! I don’t celebrate my skills, but I am thankful that I was able to inspire and motivate them to achieve success. Every time I hear comments about my seminars, webinars and lessons being “different” I smile inside, because I know that it is true coaching that has made the difference. Every time I finish a coaching session with an individual and they move on to fly on their own, without me, I send them off with a blessing, knowing I have played my part.

Sometimes, people don’t even realize how powerful coaching has been in their journey, and at times, coaches don’t get the nod or thanks for the role they played as people achieve goals and feel independent. It’s a part of coaching to see people grow and move on, just as parents see children leave home and fly. I content myself in knowing that through coaching these clients have acquired the tools they needed for growth and I enjoy their successes as the silent (and always confidential) partner.

Coaches don’t seek glory. Through true coaching, YOU shine, not the coach! The true coach wants their clients to succeed and become strong and be able to carry on independently. They want you to cross that river, not float down it endlessly relying on the coach for support. And when people return for ongoing coaching because they become excited about the possibilities and new dreams, I am thrilled to continue as your partner!

Over the years, I have been an instructor and teacher, and I still am. I’ve been a mentor – and still am. I teach tracking – but incorporate coaching principles into the instruction now. As people grow, I switch to coaching to encourage them to become confident and independent. I challenge them and motivate them to stay strong and stay on the path!

Since 1995 Spiritdance has been part of the tracking journey of countless people across Canada. I am so happy that through Coaching, I have been able to grow and add value for the people who have placed their trust in me – both for personal life coaching and for tracking.

What will the next five years be like for Spiritdance?

In the coming year, Spiritdance Motivation Coaching & Tracking is going to renew a focus on coaching. Coaching will begin October 16, with one to one sessions available to 4 people per month. I am a strong believer in the power of threes in training. We do three scent pads, three straight lines, and three articles in our tracking. In coaching, sessions are also offered in threes. They are online or on the phone and you set the goal! After the third session we decide if you have the solution you wanted, or if you’d like to carry on.

I will also be offering Webinars. Some will be ‘teaching’ tracking with coaching elements (as always). I am also expanding to offer Coaching Focused Webinars on performance, leadership, and other exciting topics – including how you can become more of a coach for your students – if you are presently an instructor and know you can offer more. Any of these topics can also be done 1:1 if you like the personal approach.

In the next 5 years, watch for a book (or two) and more travel across Canada to offer in-person presentations, talks, training and coaching! Big things are happening! 

Thank you to all of the people who have helped me along my coaching journey! And thanks to those who have trusted me to be your partner on your life or tracking journey. Most importantly, I thank God for showing me this path and for being my coach and guide along the journey. I hope that His light always shines through my coaching.

Your Coach,

Donna Brinkworth
Spiritdance Motivation Coaching & Tracking

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