Winter Tracking Class – 3 hours on Saturday morning, November 26

Online training continues! Thank you to everyone who has signed up for individual coaching this fall. I have had the honour of providing coaching services to people several evenings per week. This week, someone asked me about Winter Tracking. It seems like a BIG TOPIC that is worthy of a small class! Connect with other trackers in the comfort of your PJs!  Click here for registration information.

If you have never tracked in the winter, you don’t know what you’re missing! If you have tracked in the winter – are you sure you are getting the most benefit from this environment? In this morning class, I will cover how you can determine the best time to train – the best places to train and how to set up for great learning and success.

I have provided winter lessons for many years now, and have “scads” of wonderful material, both scientific and anecdotal, to share with participants.


A beautiful track along a sidewalk on a lovely winter training day!

The great thing about the online environment is that we can look at handouts, photos and video together. Plus I can use whiteboards to draw things to help with explanations. Everyone can speak, ask questions and share their experiences during the class.

Thank you to everyone for helping make online training such a success. This is a first in Canada, and is focused on CKC tracking rules … but … I bring ideas and experiences from many tracking methods to my training to help people with their particular dogs and situations.


Tracking Champion Caden von der KleinenWiese footstep tracks across a parking lot

It’s my pleasure and honour to work with you all! Registration deadline for this class is November 6. Here is the information. It’s limited to 8 people but if more show interest, I will find a date to run a second class.

We may as well track all winter – it’s Canada!


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