Spiritdance Tracking goes Online!

Online graphic

People have been asking if I would ever provide online training for dog tracking. Up to now, I have not had the time to devote to it. But now that I have moved to Medicine Hat Alberta, I will have the time, and the energy! No more long commutes as part of my daily job, and a wonderful new lifestyle with lots more time for YOU! I also finished Caden’s Tracking Championship last fall. I was on a mission with that boy! You can read about it under the My Dogs tab. Now that I’ve hit that goal, I am excited to get back to teaching.

Online training is an exciting new journey for Spiritdance Tracking. This year I am offering a low price for 25 participants who will have the honour of being guinea pigs as the courses are developed. One online course is for beginners to tracking, and the other is for advanced trackers looking for some new, out of the box ideas!

I see this as a great way to bring trackers from across Canada together to share. It is also going to be the first online tracking course focused exclusively on CKC tracking, which is my passion. You can read more about online training here. If you are a tracking enthusiast, I hope you will consider the new online classes!


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