New 2015 Coaching Series for Dog Tracking Enthusiasts

groupIn addition to being a Coach, I teach tracking and judge dog tracking tests in both field and urban settings. I have had the pleasure of offering lessons and seminars since 1995. My seminars offer practical tips for field and urban tracking, along with a plan to achieve your tracking goals. As a judge, I get to travel across Canada, meeting wonderful, passionate people and seeing fabulous dogs from coast to coast! Last year I judged in Fredericton New Brunswick and Courtenay BC, on Vancouver Island. This year, I am judging in Thunder Bay, Ontario (my home town!) and in the Toronto Ontario area. I am very blessed to be asked to judge, and have a mission to make sure everyone enjoys their weekend and appreciates this hobby.

Every year, I offer dog tracking seminars in the Central Alberta area where I now live. This year, as my students are growing in their abilities, I am offering a difficult series where students will be constantly exposed to test situations. As well, I will focus on test preparation and how to handle the nerves and prepare just as every athlete does – learning from high end athletes and applying the principles of practice, routine, optimism and continuous improvement to the list of skills we will build as we seek excellence in our sport. And by excellence, I mean making your dog the best it can be, and being the best you can be! Tracking is non-competitive so we simply work on our own skills as we are apply to be tested within the parameters of the rules.

I provide photo and video to all working teams along with a critique. Seeing photo and video helps people to improve. Participants are also welcome to follow up with private lessons. If you are a tracking – lets get ready for tracking tests. Seriously – lets get together and plot, lay tracks and follow each other until we can do it in our sleep. Lets make it so routine that a test is just another day tracking. That’s the goal this summer for both field and urban tracking. Blind tracks are not easy – it takes faith in your tracklayer, a well-plotted track, and ability to read your dog and the conditions.

Don’t leave it to chance! Come to structured sessions to learn, be videotaped, and critiqued. Option of one lesson between will help focus on what was observed in each session (booked separately). If you are a beginner, I would also love to introduce you to this sport. Please contact me for individual lessons to get started. You are welcome to learn to plot and lay tracks at these sessions at a reduced rate with no dog.

Because I am a coach, all of my training and lessons seek to meet your needs and desired outcomes. Individual lessons are particularly focused on meeting coaching principles with a contract to achieve desired skills and results.

Tracking is my passion! I look forward to the 2015 sessions. For details and to register please visit the ‘Dogs’ tab on this website.


This is my special girl – Tracking Champion Alta-Pete Jet. She is the first Border Collie to pass all four levels of tracking in both fields and urban settings to become a Tracking Champion – she has been a wonderful teacher and partner and will be 10 years old this year.




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